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And now I finally understand why aluminum is added to vaccines. Thanks. Doesn’t it always come down to money?

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The ingredients of a vaccine become moot if one never injects anything into the body.

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Reading and posting questions as I have them:

“What if for some reason your vaccine did not include the aluminium adjuvant, just the antigen. Well the answer is that absolutely nothing would happen. Not enough foreign material, antigen, for the body to bother about.”

What about Charles Richet and his experiments with anaphylaxis— isn’t a small amount of a toxin or substance and then subsequent challenge a potential for anaphylaxis? What is special about a substance that causes anaphylaxis that a non-adjuvanted or adjuvanted vaccine doesn’t have?

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I am not sure but allergies (and similar) do not originate from one off low exposures, probably the opposite and thereafter a small amount of the allergen can set off a significant response.

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It explains a lot of peanut allergies... The idiots used peanut oil as a carrier oil in many shots.


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I was wondering about allergies as well. Could it be that a child is eating a new food around time of vaccination and the same process that creates immunity against the antigen create a immune response against a novel food? Children are being vaccinated at ages when the are being introduced to new foods.

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Yes is the quick answer. Why would an infant suffer from an allergy (perhaps even from birth) without this reaction having been primed either in utero or in early life.

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We have 3 children, all completely unvaccinated, and normally they are very healthy. If they do get sick, they fight off any illness quite quickly. They eat very well, have lots of energy but sleep well. And the only one of my kids who has ever had antibiotics is my son, and that was just once ( via IV drip after leg surgery, post-accident). However, all my children have allergies, some of them quite severe in their time.

One of these, a peanut allergy in my oldest, arose whilst she was sick as a dog. She was almost 2 & 1/2. She'd also recently begun at daycare 1-2 days per week. I think I know where the sickness came from!

I think it must therefore be possible for generalised inflammation (not just from vaccines) to affect allergies. That, or the latent problems from epigenetics were brought to the surface via this illness. She'd had little bits of peanut quite a number of times (with absolutely no problems) before this instance of allergic reaction that resulted in immediate facial & tongue swelling. It was only when she was sick as a dog that the allergy problem arose. Afterwards, she didn't even have anti-histamine; she was merely observed at the hospital. Funny thing is, 9 years later, she STILL has the same response to peanut. And she's still unvaccinated. And she's been mostly well in her time. So she's not grown out of it at all. My son's severe dairy allergy is mild now (of course, we're still a GF & DF household and our kids wash their hands a lot!) so his body has been able to downgrade that one because he's not in contact with dairy. My daughter's peanut allergy, however, even though she's not in contact with peanut, has NOT been downgraded. Horses for courses, perhaps...

The other allergies arising in my children (dairy, wheat/gluten, cashew/pistachio, sesame, strawberry) SEEMED to have nothing to do with illness or vaccination, with them all being entirely unvaccinated. However, both me & my hubby had some jabs as kids and into young adulthood, so invariably there could be some epigenetics at play there regarding allergies. If hubby & I (and our parents) had been given shots where peanut oil was used as a carrier, it's possible WE might all be fine (enough) - but our offspring might not. Of course most people don't even give this a first or second thought, so the allergy problems will invariably not just continue, but get worse.

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Congratulations on the no-jab discipline. What about ingested sources of aluminum? Do you grill on AL foil? If so that's 10 demerits. In the USA baking powders and commercial baked goods often contain aluminum. So an American peanut butter cookie could be the perfect way to acquire a peanut allergy especially if swallowed with fluoridated water. I have read that Bob's Red Mill baking powder is aluminium free but Clabber Girl contains the AL. What on earth is a Clabber girl?

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Thanks :-) After researching vaccines 10-15 years ago, hubby and I both decided they were rubbish! So no more for us, and none for our kids! Honestly, I wish I'd figured it out earlier. Vaccines are such a bad idea.

Regarding ingestion of alumunium, eating it is different to injecting it. I think it has rather different effects on the body, yes? Aluminium is abundant in the earth's crust and thus will make its way into foods, anyway, so eliminating it from your diet completely is probably impossible.

**Dr Exley - care to comment on ingestion vs injection of aluminium?!

Yes, very occasionally we bake on aluminium foil. Maybe once every couple of months? Cookware is stainless steel or non-stick with no aluminium touching the food. Closest we'd get is aluminium rivets on stainless steelware! I also keep most pantry foods or leftovers in glass containers (and some plastic ones). Our baking powders/sodas do NOT have any aluminium components. Australia tends to prefer sodium to aluminium when it comes to baking powder ingredients!

Normally we also drink tank water (cleaned out tanks & gutters + new roof + filters on house water) but as we're building a house at present, we're on filtered town water. Uurgh. I miss rain water!

When my daughter had her allergy, we were on town water as well, but we used reverse osmosis. So that's pretty 'dead' water. Not sure any fluoride etc makes it through that!

We've also been drinking 1L/day of Fiji water for a good month now but I honestly can't say I've noticed any improvements at all! Maybe we need to try it for longer, or maybe we're not being poisoned by aluminium?

I think there may just be too many environmental toxins about that are making things worse each generation. We use nicer or more natural cleaning agents, too. But the fact that there were already some allergies in both of our families (including the eczema/bumpy skin/asthma/hayfever ones), and Coeliac seems to run down my Mum's side, our kids were always bound to get some sort of allergy/autoimmune problems no matter how 'clean' we live. I guess some things can't be undone, at least not in merely 1-2 generations...

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It could be aflatoxins from peanuts.. or glysophate or other pesticides.

Many variables with the body.

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I’ve been gathering data for a case control study and so far the majority of those with IgE food allergies were vaccinated, I believe one of the people were unvaccinated but they received the vitamin k. My study population are about 50% unvaccinated and the ratio is about 1 to 7. I sent it out to my email subscribers so far but I was planning on creating a google doc survey to get more responses because I only have about 8 cases so far!

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Please post the google doc survey here when you have it! Happy to fill it in. Otherwise you can email me: drrobyn1978@gmail.com

I think in our case, damage from vaccinations in the parents, and/or genetic mutation/degradation, have caused our offspring to have allergies. My kids were all born at home - no vaccination or Vit K or anything. My youngest hasn't been jabbed with anything, my oldest had a blood test (once!) and some acupuncture and my second born had his leg stitched back together, so had IV antibiotics & anaesthesia as well as tetanus immunoglobulins injected. This was when he was 5 - but the allergies first arose when he was 1. Nothing got worse allergy-wise after his surgery from what I could tell.

Anyway, the Canberra Hospital was awful. They wouldn't do the surgery in Feb 2020 without a tetanus injection because he injured himself in our paddock where our farm animals were. My kid, eh? Free medical care, eh? Sure. NOT. The bastards wanted to give him the dTP! The one my maternal grandfather & I had had problems with! So we researched like demons and found the tetanus immunoglobulins injection instead (nothing in it except people's tetanus Igs). But he didn't need ANY tetanus injection. He was fine. Our kids climbed trees, scraped knees, got random scratches, got stabbed by rose thorns etc in paddocks heaps of times before; no problems! Idiot 'doctors' didn't know that the dTP is the last one you should give if the patient's never been vaccinated, nor that the Ig one was actually the right one to give under the circumstances (IF you had to give one at all, that is, which they didn't need to). Then they wanted to put it in the IV drip and I sped-read the Tetanus Ig huge info leaflet like a demon (I don't think I've ever read something so fast!) and read that IV injection could anaphylaxis and so it should be injected intramuscularly! And so they did that. Phew.


Hospitals are SO unsafe!!!

I wouldn't stand for that crap now from a hospital, but at the time, I didn't know enough. Covid really opened my eyes to a lot of things.

Anyway, my Dad was in the Navy for 20 years, so who knows the quality of his sperm when he impregnated my Mum! The stories I heard from my aunt (his sister) about what happened during his time in the Navy (eg wearing a gas mask and running through noxious gas chambers, hanging round heaps of friable asbestos etc) makes me rather wonder if his dicky sperm was the reason we all have so many health problems. After all, the eggs are done and dusted decades ago. The quality of the sperm has a far greater reach on the health of the child. And I don't think my Dad's swimmers were exactly healthy! He didn't smoke, and rarely drank, and was a good, healthy weight. That's all positive, but many of his workmates smoked and he grew up with smoking/drinking parents (passive smoking), plus he was generally working around toxicity.

I had worse eczema than my Mum, but minimal hayfever, yet my Mum & sister have horrible hayfever, and my Mum only ever has had eczema in her older age (she moved to a cold climate - duh!). My skin is great now so long as I eat the right foods. My sister has that bad bumpy skin thing as well, far worse than me, and both of us have it worse than my Mum - or her maternal grandfather, who also had it. I still have mild asthma and my sister had it as a kid. No-one else back in our ancestry had asthma as far as I'm aware? And we didn't even have that many vaccinations as kids! Not compared to today's schedule. I honestly think I would've been a SIDS statistic if I'd had today's schedule based on how I went (downhill) after most of my vaccinations.

So, I think there's some genetic predisposition in our family to damage. Coupled with all grandparents smoking & drinking (as was the norm back in the 1940s!?) whilst pregnant/impregnanting, and some alcoholics in there as well, ANY more environmental toxins along the way might set things off: vaccinations, aluminium, poor water, crap in the air, stress, BPAs/BPBs, other endocrine disruptors; you name it.

Funny thing is, one of my husband's cousins is anaphylactic to fish, but no-one else as far back as we know have any anaphylaxis reactions. My sister came out in hives once, out of the blue, as an adult, and she doesn't know why, still to this day! I never had hives, but my son did. Has had a few times, actually. No-one else has as far as I know, on either side of our families.

So I think we need to eat/drink/live very allergy-friendly (we try to!) and my kids need to find very UNallergic people to breed with! Otherwise their kids will have even worse problems than they have.


Maybe our genetic line is too sensitive in today's toxic world...? Or maybe enough ancestral idiots have fucked things up and it will take generations of 'clean living' (impossible with all that micro-plastic etc about today) to return to some version of genetic 'neutral'. If that's even possible.


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I assume you’re aware of Dr. Paul Thomas’ data on allergies and other chronic childhood illnesses based on the vaxxed vs unvaxxed patients in his paediatric practice. A much larger data set. Very low rates of food allergies in the unvaxxed. Robyn S’s children are unusual.

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Aluminum hydroxide is given to rats in drug research to induce allergies (along with the relevant protein), and illnesses like rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, ear “infections", “autoimmune disease”. Perhaps the list is longer than my casually acquired short list?

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The Peanut Allergy Epidemic by Heather Fraser was a great book on this

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Not idiots- intentional psychopaths

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True, but the idiots who are useless "scientists" think it's a good idea to use adjuvants.

One such person was a close friend who works in bio research. She's still slow to realize that her graduate studies was full of bullshit...

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"We are so constituted that we can never receive other proteins into the blood than those that have been modified by digestive juices. Every time alien protein penetrates by effraction, the organism suffers and becomes resistant."

Even though its over 100 years old, there's been a lot of science done warning of harms from injections. And now science has (misused) technology to directly produce desired proteins through synthetic biology & computer code.

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Wasn't Richet work on anaphylaxis based on (re)-injected foreign proteins?

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Yes he noticed the first injection sensitized the dog and the subsequent injection caused anaphylactic reaction. But I don’t know what was special about the toxin. Is all that it was proteins? Why can people get vaccines with proteins and not experience anaphylaxis in higher numbers? Are they not entire proteins?

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I get excited when I see a new posting from you in the inbox. Always fascinating and I always learn something. Thank you!

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I was curious to know what a vaccine formulation might contain. Here is a sampling.

CHEMISTRY SET ingredients:

Mercury at about 0.3 micrograms (despite them saying “no Thimerosal” added as a preservative. It sneaks in from the manufacturing process and is the residue left after “purification” which they claim is harmless)



Ammoninium sulphate



Monosodium glutamate


ANIMAL Origin: vegans watch out


Chick embryo

Human diploid cells from aborted foetal tissue

Vesicle fluid from calf skins

Mouse serum proteins

Monkey kidney cells (famous for looking like “viruses" as they break down in cell cultures after poisoning)

This is VERY similar to the “cell culture” ingredients BTW.

The widely discussed idea of venom in the jabs, even if unfounded, is not so far from the truth. Proteins injected into the blood don’t have to be from a cobra's fangs to be extremely poisonous.

Two quotes from Herbert Shelton:

“Protein, as essential to life as it is, is a virulent poison if introduced directly into the blood without first undergoing digestion”

“Speedy death following vaccination is dignified by the title anaphylactic shock”

Credits to “What Really Makes You Ill” 2019

Since I did not see any sign of an antigen in these lists then the posters around town should read "Wanted: Virus, Dead or Alive"

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You make great sense of this, Dr Exley! Thankyou for writing so clearly such that we can understand! :-)

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To me, if they need to put outright poisons in any vaccines to make them work, they are worthless...the vaccines that is as the poisons will always do nasty things to a body. Sorry, if you send me a penny, the IRS will want to tax it to death.

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Bullseye Doctor Exley!

You might add that alum as a (very) cheap addition to magnify the effect of an (expensive) antigen was accidentally discovered in 1926 by Alexander Glenny.

(We will probably have to celebrate it in two years.)

There is phrase in your second paragraph which almost took my breath away- .........'the injection is the last act of consciousness'............ I know that I am cherry-picking, but this cherry is literally true for large numbers of small children.

You know, those children with neurotic mothers?

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Very fine article, Chris. Cheers, Rod

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The power of words to disempower … just too loose & wiggle-room filled are the dictionaryly interdicted ob/literates.

Or, when put “that way,” can the Prussian schooling/indoctrination model & approach to “the best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves” be seen as oh-dunno-maybe one of the original/earliest antigenic/anti(your)body sins … of the fathers/mothers/parental-units-others?

In American milk & honey land the (misbe)gotten-young are sentenced to 12 years of continuous injection & boosterism that renders all too many-most immune to the adversarial “vagaries” (which are, in fact, raison d’être) of “that” state’s Borg-nervousystem (same as every other state … means, according to Voltaire’s Pangloss, that this is also the state of nature - the best of all possible worlds … & *that* means - subject to nervous system interpretation - tragic, or comic, or some chimera of the two).

“Profit,” for an example the prophets are all too eager to muddle, cannot & does not flow from the barrel of a gun nor the barrel of a coerced syringe.

Better word “elected representative for” the takings-actions-language of indirect force (fraud) & direct force is “crime.”

When a robber sticks a gun in your face & says “your $ our your life” what s/he takes from you is certainly not “profit.”

Stolen property is not “profit.” Theft of one’s person is not “profit.”

Distilling to the essential ingredients, profit is the signal beacon that leads away from rocks & reefs of ruin in “markets.” Which is another adjuvant-filled word, since the beating heart of markets is freedom.

If the silent, but always necessarily implied, “free” isn’t prefixing “market,” then there isn’t a market.

Cartels, monopolies (incl patent/IP monopolies), color of law, backroom deals dividing spoils … etc … are not markets. Those are all crime. Not profit.

Paraphrasing Lewis: We make (pirate) chests of lawyers and expect of them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honour and are shocked to find traitors in our midst. We castrate and bid the geldings be fruitful.

Correcting Lewis: We don’t make anything. Too many people are born “on the make.” Ma Nature obviously selects for derelicts.

Privateers & pirates do not markets make. Privateers & pirates are parasites. They are criminals. As are those who collude, take bribes (including “paychecks”) from them.

This dirty wellsprings bottom upward. Not top down.

A few years ago SC “justice” Ginsburg died. A woman went on at some length to me about what the judge had done for women & so it was appropriate that flags everywhere presented half-masted. Cuz “independence” of women is an obviously worthy goal.

But political patronage is not independence. It is dole. Permissions are not rights. Permissions can, & will be, denied. A lot of female independence *has* been denied just since Ginsburg’s passing (in ’20).

Prussian Clausewitz wrote that war is the continuation of politics by other means. The commutative property is obvious: politics is the continuation of war by other means.

War is the health of the state. Randolph Bourne.

Healthy state means unhealthy state conscripts-citizens. Healthy states are an extremely unhealthy state. Its like saying “that’s a very healthy cancer you got growing in your garden there.”

But here’s the hinge: pragmatic utilitarians, of both genders, don’t care how they get what they want - so long as they get it (however strings attached & temporarily). Just like other more socially acceptable to tsk-tsk poo-poo addicts don’t care how they get “fixed.”

Many last stands of “consciousness” are the first, “best possible,” hardwired, slate-is-full (not blank) stands they will ever, can ever, take. And that’s what takes the “let them eat” cake.*

*The scrolling history at the end of Ridley Scott’s sleep-inducing Napoleon said that, by the time the short man was finally dispensed-dispatched to Helena, his accumulated military campaign carnage of French soldiers summed to three million killed.

Napoleon & all those killed people are long gone. France is still there.

And same related vein, Helena, Montana is being transformed by fleeing French Californians into … California. Cue Kansas that tune, but replace “Dust” with “Spores.”

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Erudite as ever, though you may wish to dissect this term too!

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Thx your Exley-cency!

(I not only dissect, I am pro concatenate.)

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Meant as a compliment (in case it wasn't clear). Exley's is a most excellent place.

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Good one.

Corpulent corpiracy is … the scorpion riding the frog-ferry story. All involved are/were utterly convinced that riding the amphibian & walking the plank were very separate actions.

Taking shortcuts is a motive. Even tho takings-shortcuts degenerates takers & taken froms.

Taking short walks on shorter planks captivates so many. It really is an addiction dynamic. Like emotional eating.

Or emotional cannibalism.

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It occurred to me, that picture above, that could be an image of a nebula from the James Webb telescope! You see in stain, they see in infrared. The aftermath of a little exploding star at your injection site.

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Excellent, as ever - sympathetic magic has always been and continues to be the most profitable expedient for cash strapped drug maker, many doctors, assorted corrupt governors, and so on. Are we surprised? No, of course not. Are we ever taking another vaccine? No, of course not. Is aluminium something we want injected into our bodies? No, of course not. Thanks for letting the world now about their chicanery and the dangers of aluminium in the body.

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Quackzines are just a toxin delivery mechanism.

They used to have mercury, then aluminum, and now nano lipids aka plastic that doesn't break down.

None of them proved efficacy or safety.

And BTW even the PCR test is pseudoscience, yes even as the tool it was intended to be!


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I read the article. It’s obvious there are huge gaps in the germ hypothesis and in vaccinology.

Please allow me to point out the obvious.

1. NO evidence that people who are ill can spread the illness to healthy people. Dozens of attempts to prove contagion described in the literature (often gruesome) all failed. The British Common Cold Unit was one hilarious example. One thing they did come up with was an electron microscope image they christened “Corona” virus (which was likely the kidney cells in the culture breaking down because you see them on controls too - especially if trypsin is added).

2. NO evidence that people who are not ill can spread illness to healthy people. "Asymptomatic spreaders ” were suddenly invented during the Covid theatrics. One could argue that the nocebo effect and bone pointing would be interesting exceptions.

3. NO evidence that any sub-microscopic particle resembling the mythical virus can be detected within the body or detected on it’s way out of a diseased person by any means.

4. NO evidence that even a mega dose of “antigen” (virus or bacteria without adjuvant) magically imparts immunity.

5. NO evidence that vaccinated children are healthier than unvaccinated children. See the study by Dr. Paul Thomas on health outcomes at his pediatric practice where his patients were a mix of 3939 vaccinated and 561 unvaccinated. This paper was redacted by the publisher despite being accepted and despite thorough revisions after extensive peer review. The unjabbed kids were MUCH healthier than the jabbed in all disease categories

6. NO evidence that jabs prevent any disease. Plenty of famous measles outbreaks included vaccinated kids.

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You might want to alter point 5 to say "NO evidence that VACCINATED children are healthier than unvaccinated children.


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If the charts and graphs in Dissolving Illusions are correct, the risk from most diseases have been almost totally eradicated by access to safe drinking-water, better sanitation, hygiene, and nutrition. So why inject toxic substances into children at all? Of course, if there is data disproving these charts and graphs, please share them. We should only make such important decisions based on hard data.


"Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, and The Forgotten History"

By Suzanne Humphries MD and Roman Bystrianyk

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See also this chart, comparing vaccinated (orange) vs. unvaccinated (blue):

"Analysis 5. Cumulative office visits in the vaccinated (orange) vs. unvaccinated (blue) patients born into the practice: the clarity of the age-specific differences in the health fates of individuals who are vaccinated (2763) compared to the 561 unvaccinated in patients born into the practice over ten years is most strikingly clear in this comparison of the cumulative numbers of diagnoses in the two patient groups. The number of office visits for the unvaccinated is adjusted by a sample size multiplier factor (4.9) to the expected value as if the number of unvaccinated in the study was the same as the number of vaccinated."


"Relative Incidence of Office Visits and Cumulative Rates of Billed Diagnoses Along the Axis of Vaccination"

By James Lyons-Weiler and Paul Thomas, November 2020

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